We all enjoy seeing the amazing fields and courses on TV and the lush grounds and gardens at our favorite parks and resorts.   We have countless options at our stores for healthy food.  Who are the people responsible for this and what does it take to make it happen?  Science, experience, dedication, hard work... I could go on and on.  We at Turfsmith are on a mission to create awareness and support causes to help the turf industry thrive.

The Turfsmith brand is a community driven initiative allowing its members to help shape apparel designs and designate donations to the organizations and causes of their choosing.  A portion of every order will be donated to the customer chosen cause.  At the end of each month, all of the money collected from orders will be donated to the designated cause.* 

So when you see your fellow Turfsmiths wearing the apparel, you know they are a part of this important community of turf pros and doing their part to help create awareness and attract the next generation of Turfsmiths.

Please send us your thoughts on designs and any general feedback at any time.




*minimum dollar amount thresholds must first be met